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Joe Kidwell

Joe Kidwell

Real Estate Agent

My name is Charles Joseph Kidwell (Joe). I am originally from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and moved to Texas in 2013, I am proud to call Texas my home. 

My family were tobacco and produce farmers in Upper Marlboro Maryland. I spent a majority of my youth working with my family and grew up knowing right from wrong, to always treat others the way you would want to be treated, to have honor, integrity, to be trustworthy, and to value those things above all else. A life without those things isn’t worth living. 

I first met Delyse in 2007. I was in Texas visiting family at the time, and was looking for some acreage to purchase. I contacted the local real estate office and she acted as my agent for that purchase. When deciding to move to Texas in 2013, I contacted Delyse to help with the purchase of a home. She was there again to help and make it happen.

I’ve been in the real estate industry for over twenty- five years. Throughout my career I have worked in both the private and government sectors. I’ve managed estates, commercial office space, historic properties, high end residential and worked at the White House as a trusted employee. 

I am happy to be given the opportunity to join Nuckols Real Estate Services. I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust and provide real estate services for you while acting as your advocate. I look forward to speaking with you.