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Investing In Raw Land

“Find out where people go; get there first and buy land; for land is the essence of all wealth!”

“Land is the Closest Thing to the Proverbial Pot of Gold.”
Raw land is one of the most solid investments you can make.  In fact, investing in land is one of the greatest investment strategies for anyone who wants to build wealth. It will always be worth something, and cannot be reproduced. Raw land is undeveloped property that is still in its natural state. If you’re thinking about investing in raw land, the trick isn’t so much about buying at a good price, as much it is about selling at the right time to make a great profit.
Best time to invest in Raw Land
President Abraham Lincoln said it best: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left over by those who hustle.”
There will always be ups and down in the housing and stock markets, but historically raw land continuously seems to increase in value.
Waiting for the right time to invest in raw land, is not a winning strategy. All you have to do is find the right property at a low price. In other word, buy low and sell high.
Land increases it value at a faster pace the closer you are to a growing city or the radius of several communities. But, any growing community where you can find land is worth an investment because growth attracts many developers. The main ideal in investing in land is to choose property that will appreciate in value and bring buyers who are willing to pay more for it down the road. Buying land in more remote areas is still a good investment.  It will just take longer to get a return on your investment, just plan on holding the property for a longer period of time.